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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Le sigh

One day.....

One day I will understand why...

(Hopefully) One day I will be able to counter it all and never have to look back and think bastard!!!

Tonight has been one of those nights... Where everything seems to be going great, and then BAM it hits you hard.

You see, Smiles is over for the weekend and brought along his PS3 and his newest game (it's one I know I'm getting as a gift for Christmas and haven't been able to play yet, but he's been VERY nice to me and let me) Lego Lord Of The Rings. I was so happy to even just sit and watch it being played... (now I know some of the secrets) Anyway, I was actually able to sit and play some of the levels and while we were playing, Baby-Girl went upstairs and got something to eat, came downstairs to watch what was going on with the game and tripped over something and ... accidents happen.

We got it all cleaned up, no big deal, except that now she's feeling like she's about 2 inches tall. NOT MY FAULT because I didn't say anything other than "let's get it cleaned up"

NO This is someone else's issue that was forced down my kids' throats for a LONG time and it seems to be something that I can't battle.

I remember things like the gravy spilling, milk being spilled and a banana cream pie that hit the floor. I also remember the reactions. Most of them involved a lot of hand waving, raised voices and then guilt.
My ex could do the guilt so well, in fact if I had to give him a role later on in his life (say 65+) I'd put him about the same level as one of those old women that constantly critiques and belittles her offspring and their children to the point that they don't want to go to gramma's house to visit.

Children Teens People, young and old, I've learned don't really react well to that kind of stimulation. They like praise and hugs and lots and lots of Love!

I personally wish that I could wave my majick wand and make it all disappear. I know that I can't and so I just do what I hope works. In this instant I paused the game, calmly told the kids to get the broom, something to soak up the liquid, the vacuum, and the carpet cleaner. We picked all the glass up, swept up the cereal that hadn't even had time to soak up the milk, sopped up the milk with a towel and vacuumed up the glass shards. No harm, no foul, right?!

Not so much, she's still not a happy camper and I'm sitting here trying to find the right way to smooth over the ruffled feathers of this latest "my dad is such a pain because he's still stuck in my head"

Any ideas?!

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  1. So sorry, just hugs and it is okay over and over again because we have to show them everything is okay