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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Should've thought that one through?!

Today, I had to take Little Man to the doctor. (his foot has been hurting for a couple days now, it's not broken, just painful, but if it keeps hurting... we have to go back in for another x-ray to see if there's a stress fracture that can't be seen on today's x-ray.)
Anyway, one of the ex-in-laws, works at the doctor's office. I vaguely remembered that I had heard rumors that she'd retired, so I didn't really think about it at the time I made the appointment.
Anyway, we get there and we're waiting and my own personal dialogue went something like this:
I really hope that she's not here, because I'd hate to have to make small talk, if she comes up and starts talking to us. Wait, she'll probably not even be here, I think she retired. Well, I guess we'll see. (and last but not least.) If she's here, then I guess I'll burn that bridge if and/or when we have to cross it.

Well, let me tell you... we had to cross it. Yep you guessed it, she's still working there. No, I didn't do anything other than look through the window of her office and walk past the open door, but...OMG I should've expired on the spot!

If looks could kill, both Little Man and I would be dead, but I was the one that got the "die, bitch, die" look.

It was AWESOME!!! I could feel the heat and rage and anger radiating out towards me as I passed, and as I sat waiting for Little Man to get out of x-ray, and all I could think is, "Really? It's nice to know that you're consistent." I knew that the kids and I were blamed, to a large degree in all of the goings on for the past 2 years. But it's nice to know that I've become the scapegoat for him. Again!

No, I don't really care one way or the other. OK, I'm lying just a little bit with that statement, but at least I don't have to worry about how his family feels about me. They're just being very cowardly in saying something and instead choose to just glare at me. They have yet to actually come out and tell me that I'm the reason that my ex is the way he is, or that my children will end up being terrible people because of my influence. (No, I don't honestly think that they're ever going to do that, but it ends in a beautiful "meh" moment in my imagination.)

I can honestly say that it does my heart good to feel that I've accomplished something in this life worth giggling uncontrollably about.
Just think about it. I'm not perfect (never have been, never claimed to be) and yet this person that feels he can walk on the water (it's been implied, often, that he can) feels that I'm the reason that his kids don't want anything to do with him, and that I planned it so perfectly that he ended up going to prison over it.

I must have used my amazing powers of the force to make him do my bidding???? (evil cackle like the Emperor in Star Wars)

Sounded good to me!?!

And since graduation is coming up soon, I've got to decide if I'm going to encourage Little Man to at least send an announcement to that side of the family. I was planning on finding a way of suggesting that they might like to at least know about the milestone, but now.... I'm not so sure.

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