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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did you really just call me a ..............

Just to give a little background to this, I work a true graveyard. I am at work from Midnight to 0830. The group of people I work with are all just as crazy and weird as me, and we all work really well together because of that.

We all pull that same shift, and when we're asked to do overtime, we pitch in as we can.
However, this tends to make us almost zombie-like at the end of the shift. Yes, I'm including myself in that, just simply because it's hard to sleep during the day, when you're brain is telling you "uhhhh, the sun's up, you should be too!!!" and by the time 0830 rolls around, we're pretty much zombies.

So, the other day (Monday, and then I had Tuesday off, so I didn't hear about it till tonight), I was standing up talking to one of my co-workers at the very end of our shift. I admit, I zoned out and wasn't really paying attention, and she honestly wasn't either, she was busy trying to get her long hair out of the way and up in a pony-tail.

Apparently, I've been labeled as her "new admirer" because we'd been talking, and I just stood there watching her do this. (knowing my state of mind at the end of my shift, I was probably thinking of sleep, and what I had to do to get to the point that I was going to be able to go to dream-land.) Anyway, I heard about this, after-the-fact, and all I can think is "really?????? Are you that self-centered and insecure in your lives that you have to poke fun at me for being brain-dead???"

Because, let's face it here folks. I'm not into that, nor do I want to. I am almost 40, and I've lived a few more years than these people, I've grown happy in my own skin. (yeah, I feel like I could stand to change certain parts of me, and there are days that my demons come screaming out of the abyss at me, but I'm happy where I am!)

While discussing this tonight, I also talked to a really wonderful friend. He pointed out that there is no way that I could be even labeled that way and then went on to tell me that if I was, then we really couldn't be friends any longer (he's gay, and told me that lesbians and gays being friends ruffles too many feathers) I busted up laughing at that and then said "well, I guess it's a good thing I don't lean that way, huh?" We both had a good chuckle about it and it put everything into a clear perspective for me.

These individuals are jealous! They don't like the fact that I am who I am. They don't like that I don't have to cake on the makeup, dress up flashy, and yet I still seem to have friends that like me for me. I don't have to back-stab, start rumors, or fake friendships just to be me.

I can honestly say, it's taken MANY years to get to the point that I can say that, and mean it! And sometimes it's hard to be the "happy in my own skin" person that I try to portray, but I keep trying.

I'm thinking that this is probably going to just be an irritant, but I've also decided to just let it go and remember that I'm the bigger person, and the adult in this situation. Let them try to sabotage my job, I'm not going to be in the wrong here, and eventually, it'll get so bad that someone else will notice it, and I'll just smile as it's handled.

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