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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frustrations abound

Today is going to be better!!!!

I have to keep telling myself that, because it didn't really end very well at work this evening/morning (I work graveyard) and I honestly don't know how I'm going to deal with this issue.

I love my job. I work at an awesome place! It allows me the freedom to think outside the box and I am empowered to "do the right thing to help the customer." That being said, it's like every other customer service job. You sit at a computer for your shift, you deal with customers that aren't happy for whatever reason and you work toward a solution that is best for them.

You talk to enough customers you eventually get yelled at, called names, feel like your the one, and only, person that has stomped on dreams and hopes, killed future plans and been an all around not nice person.

Until today, though, I hadn't been yelled at by a co-worker, just my customers. Today, I got told to act my age, and stop talking about people behind their backs.

Hmm ... didn't happen that way, but if you want to think that... go right ahead.

I was talking to another co-worker about something else entirely, and I just happened to catch movement out of the corner of my eye when you moved, so I looked in your direction. Sorry if you feel that I'm malicious enough to do that. (yeah whatever!)
Last I checked it was okay to converse with the rest of the world. Didn't know that my life had to revolve around your prissy, spoiled, and obviously over-indulged life. Sorry, I have bigger things on my plate than worrying about you getting your wedding ring upgraded to "something bigger" or that you're bff and you are going to a wedding or baby shower or whatever. Nor do I care!!! I do care about the fact that you breeze into work 2 minutes before your scheduled time, take 15-20 minutes to pull up your systems to actually work, and then put makeup on while sitting at your desk; complaining the entire time that this customer is whining about the dumb things that you're supposed to be helping them with. I care about that stuff because, I'm at work everyday at least 5 minutes ahead of schedule so that I'm ready to take that first chat when my shift starts, not after it starts. I care because this job, while not glorious, is helping pay my bills and put clothes on my children's bodies. I CARE because those customers you're cussing at, are my job security!!! (and while you're cussing, I'm trying to keep a positive, upbeat attitude that you're not helping with!)

Let me tell you, though, I obviously should. Right?

As far as acting my age; I'd like to state, for the record, that I turned around and ignored the fact that she'd just called me out on something stupid like that. I did act the adult (part of being within reaching distance of 40 is that you know when to just let the younger, less mature kids bluster and whine) and I didn't cry, or scream (that's not to say that I didn't think about doing that or something along those lines, but ...) or even go to a supervisor over this.   I did hear numerous grumblings about how "this wasn't going to work out" and "I'm going to have to move" and "I can't believe that, can you?"

So, now I get to decide if it's really worth the trouble to take it to my supervisor, or if I should just let it go as the tantrum that it is.

Anyone else had to deal with a tough situation like this at work? What did you do?

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