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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why I deplore shopping....

Today, I'd like to whine and scream and moan and just be upset about something....

Mainly because I'm in pain from walking the dogs last night. No, it's not the standard muscle pain, it's the pain in one calf muscle because the walking shoes I have are about a million and a half years old. (so they're really only about 5-10 years old, but they are causing issues)

The biggest problem, and I've had this issue for so many years that it should just be a "whatever" moment, but... The biggest problem I have is that I have feet that are both long and wide. And I'm not talking a 9 and a 1/2 (which seems to be the high end of the average size for women) I'm talking a size that makes me almost embarrassed to go looking for shoes... 11 wide in women's.

I have always had wider feet. From the time I started shooting up, around 7th or 8th grade, I've had to look for those wider shoes.
I remember having to go to a specialty store around that time to get Sunday style/dress shoes. And I remember bursting into tears when I got teased about having skis for feet. I hated my feet then, and I hate my feet now, but something my dad always used to say to me, has stuck with me for a long time.... Tall buildings have firm foundations, Anna. Shit houses have none! (this was said as we were walking into church one Sunday and I was lamenting the fact that my feet were too big, and that I just wanted to be able to wear cute shoes like my mom and sister!) And while this helps, most days, it's days like today that it's harder to focus on the fact that I'm a tall building, not an outhouse.

I've since found a couple of places, in Vegas, that I can get the cuter high heeled shoes I like. (What girl doesn't like a pair of shoes to make her feel sexy?) But that's in Vegas. and since I don't live down there anymore.....

Anyway, I have to get a new pair of walking shoes. The pain I was feeling after just a block and a half, was enough to convince me of this. So, I've been doing some research. Guess what I've found?!?




Ok, I'll let you in on the secret.......

To get shoes in my size, at the store (I have looked long and hard and let me tell you, the selection is appalling) and since the better selection is, of course, online. I have to decide if it's worth the risk to buy a pair of shoes without even trying them on. YIKES!!! Yes, they have a return policy that I can take the shoes into the local store, and they'll refund my $$, but I'm terrified to do this when I'm so freaking confused about which size I really am. Because we all know that shoes fit differently depending on brand and style. And what about the color? Is it going to be "as advertised" or is it going to be that funky, just-off-the-right-shade, color?

And to add to this, I know that I can fit into a men's size 9, I've tried it before. So, should I try a men's or should I stick with a women's? Is there a difference in the way they're built? The support they give? How long they'll last? (I know when I have to buy clothes, I tend to gravitate towards the men's section... The clothes are built to last and are a LOT more forgiving of my body style. Not to mention that men's sections have the better t-shirts with sayings on them.)

So, now I have a dilemma on my hands, do I order and hope, or do I limp it out a little longer, or do I go with a pair of men's shoes (because, they're ALWAYS in stock in the size I need)?


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