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Saturday, October 19, 2013

seeds of ideas and how they grow

A few years ago my father said "You should start a used book store" after I had disclosed that I had at least 6 boxes of books. (apple boxes can hold a lot of paperbacks.)

At the time I thought "Yeah, right! These books are my babies!!" and he actually said something along those lines to me. It was actually eerie how closely our thoughts mirrored each other at that exact moment, but now that I've had time to let this particular thought germinate, and noticed that Brigham does not have an actual brick and mortar used bookstore, I've come to the conclusion that he actually had a great idea.

Now if I could just get that idea to grow bigger and actually florish.

I've done a little research (and what I mean by that is I've done a search of used bookstores and how to start them up and have clicked on a few links) and I've browsed the D.I.and if I'm lucky enough to not work on a Saturday I've looked at the yard sales in the newspaper, but that's about all I've done.

I get no further than that because I have grand dreams of owning something like that and then reality walks up to me and slaps me with a HUGE check that says something like "do you honestly think that you'll be able to do something like that when you have no idea what to look for in reading material that everyone would want to come to your store and look at?!" Oh and my favorite "you won't be able to afford something like that and then you'll really be one of those people without even a pot to piss in!"

Anyway, the reason I'm writing about this now is that I had to run an errand today for Baby-Girl and it involved me going to the D.I. and as I walked in, I thought to myself, "you're not allowed to even look at the books, don't walk out of here with one and DO NOT even think that thought your dad planted!"

Anyone want to guess how well that worked? Yep, I ended up with a book walking out the door with me. For the record, I paid a dollar for it, that was 4 quarters I found in the depths of my purse and even though I don't really have the time to read it, I was happy that I managed to walk out with just one. (there were 3 or was it 4,5,6,7... others that I really thought long and hard about picking up and in the end decided NO!)

So, as I was standing there looking at these books I thought "you know, dad mentioned that used bookstore idea.........." And of course, my book-fevered brain thought it might be fun to entertain that idea, yet again.

I honestly am not sure of the first thing that would go into owning my own business like that, but I really feel that with Brigham expanding in the next few years with USU opening their campus, I could do something like that. Any thoughts? Ideas? What would be your favorite part of a bookstore (used or new) and if something like that moved into your area, would you visit or am I just dreaming too big for my own good?

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